11 Kas 2017

No Greater Love

Most Americans are unaware that U.S. military chaplains carry no weapon, even in battle; and while deployed in Afghanistan, Army Chaplain Justin Roberts initially had no thoughts of making a film.

But seeing the valor in battle of the “No Slack” Battalion (of the famed 101st Airborne Division) he asked: “What drives men to commit acts of courage and sacrifice?”
(While winning decisive, strategic victories in intense battles, “No Slack” suffered multiple fatalities, and its members returned home with some 200 purple hearts.)

Layering real war footage and heartfelt interviews, both with soldiers and Gold Star family members, NO GREATER LOVE frames U.S. soldiers’ in war and their personal struggles both on the battlefield and back home.

Directed By
Justin Roberts

Produced By
Justin Roberts, Harmon Kaslow & John Aglialoro, Brent Jones, Priyank E. Desai

Executive Produced By
Dr. Emmanuel F. Desai, Rob Davis

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