25 Eki 2018

Siren's Call

Tahsin is a burnt-out architect suffocated by his existence in Istanbul, a massive concrete jungle feeding on chaos and hypocrisy.

One night, he reencounters an old friend, Siren.
Siren is a changed woman, living and working now in an organic farm on the remote southern coast of Turkey.

Instantly enchanted, he decides to follow her down south.

He packs his suitcase, bids angry farewells at work and heads for the airport.

Yet, he still does not know about the bad luck and obstacles ahead of him.

Director’s statement 

Escape has become an obsession in our society: we escape metropoles because they are too big, towns because they are too small, our jobs because they are boring, our families because they stifle us and ultimately reality because it is not what we have dreamed of. I wanted to explore these layers of escape with a character who is actually building the very nightmare he wants to run away from. Deep inside him, he is making a futile attempt to escape himself.

English Title: SIREN’S CALL
Original Title: SON ÇIKIŞ
Production Year: 2018
Production Country: Turkey
Genre: Comedy, Drama
Production Company: Giyotin Film
International Sales: Fortissimo Films
Running Time: 93min
Original Language: Turkish
World Premiere: Tokyo International Film Festival 2018 – Main Competition
Director: Ramin Matin
Leading Cast: Deniz Celiloglu, Ezgi Çelik, Pinar Töre

Director’s Biography  

Ramin Matin was born in 1977. He completed a Master’s in Film at the Istanbul Bilgi University. His first feature The Monsters' Dinner (2011) won awards at the Antalya Golden Orange FF, Montpelier IFF and Ankara IFF (Most Promising Director Award and National Critics Award). His second film The Impeccables (2013) premiered at the Busan IFF and received the prestigious Best Film and Best Director Awards at the Antalya Golden Orange Film Festival.