9 Mar 2019

I Spit on Your Grave: Deja Vu

One of the most anticipated sequels of 2019, I Spit on Your Grave Deja Vu (ISOYGDV) returns 40 years later from writer/director Meir Zarchi.

ISOYGDV shares continuity and characters with his classic 1978' I Spit On Your Grave.
This explosive film stars Camille Keaton, reprising her iconic role as Jennifer Hills and Jamie Bernadette as her daughter Christy Hills.

Executive Producers: Meir Zarchi & Deja Vu LLC. Produced by Terry Zarchi and Jan O'Connell.

Director: Meir Zarchi
Writer: Meir Zarchi
Stars: Camille Keaton, Jamie Bernadette, Jim Tavaré

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