12 Ara 2019

The Grudge

Producer Sam Raimi brings us a twisted new take of the horror classic.

A house is cursed by a vengeful ghost that dooms those who enter it with a violent death.

Directed By:
Nicolas Pesce

Screenplay By:
Nicolas Pesce

Story by:
Nicolas Pesce and Jeff Buhler

Based on the film:
"Ju-On: The Grudge"
Written and Directed by
Takashi Shimizu

Andrea Riseborough
Demián Bichir
John Cho
Betty Gilpin
with Lin Shaye
and Jacki Weaver

Produced by:
Sam Raimi
Rob Tapert
Taka Ichise

Executive Producers:
Nathan Kahane
Erin Westerman
Brady Fujikawa
Andrew Pfeffer
Roy Lee
Doug Davison
John Powers Middleton
Schuyler Weiss

Genre: Horror

In Theaters January 3, 2020