The Estate


Macey and Savanna may not have much. But they’ve got the perfect plan. With a ramshackle café teeter-tottering on the brink of extinction and their lives going nowhere fast, the two sisters conspire to win over their terminally ill Aunt Hilda - the family’s overbearing, curmudgeonly matriarch - in the hopes of becoming the beneficiaries of her vast estate. 

But as Macey and Savanna soon discover, there may be other relatives who have the exact same idea. 

Written and Directed by 

Dean Craig 


Marc Goldberg

Sarah Gabriel

Sarah Jessica Parker

Alison Benson

Executive Producers

Christian Mercuri

Roman Viaris

David Haring

Dean Craig

Josh Kesselman

René Besson


Toni Collette as Macey

Anna Faris as Savanna

David Duchovny as Richard

Rosemarie DeWitt as Beatrice

Ron Livingston as James

Keyla Monterroso Mejia as Ellen

And Kathleen Turner as Aunt Hilda

In Theaters November 4, 2022