18 May 2021

Pi Artworks London | Kemal Seyhan

Kemal Seyhan | Pi Artworks London  | 13 May - 10 June 2021

Pi Artworks London is proud to present inaugural solo exhibition of Vienna-Istanbul based artist Kemal Seyhan (b.1960).  

For his debut solo exhibition in the UK, Seyhan presents his signature paintings from past 3 decades along side new paintings, drawings and sculptural objects.

Kemal Seyhan’s paintings in the last two decades are narrated with a narrow language, comprising four words: Horizontal - Vertical - Colour - Intensification

While he pieces the words of this narrow vocabulary together, the artist restricts himself with a series of rules: Starting with black, applying vertical and horizontal on the canvas lengthways, avoiding simple topological relations on the surface of the work –such as large-small, including-included, inside-outside; in this context, not using the color to define the space on the canvas, putting it mainly under intensification’s order creating an excelled surface that disables any three dimensional illusion, leaving everything else (except for the surface), the back or sides of the canvas, out of attention. 

The works are implemented by applying this vocabulary and rules on canvas deck of times. 

Kilos of paint is used to color the canvas with thousands of spatula touches to create strata.  

Exhibition runs until 10 June, 2021.

For more information and all enquiries please contact Pi Artworks London at london@piartworks.com and +442076378403 | www.piartworks.com